How to increase conversion rates on Ads

How to increase conversion rates on Ads

Your business website is ready, you have done all sorts of online marketing for generating traffic to your site and you have got some good traffics also. But do you think you are done with everything? Well! No the major part of digital marketing is still pending. Yes, you heard it right! Converting this traffic into sales is a major task. When you get traffic that doesn’t mean it will bring revenue, only some traffic gets converted into transactions. So, for getting more sales, you have to enhance the conversion rate of your website.

Now you must be thinking what is this conversion rate? Well! It is the ratio of a number of your website visitors who purchased your product to a total number of visitors in percentage. For the growth of the business, it is necessary to keep a track on the conversion rates and to take necessary actions to increase the rate. More conversion rates mean more revenue and more investors.

Let’s discuss what all we can do to increase the conversion rates:

  • Conversion rates tracking

Before taking any step for increasing the conversion rates it’s better to first track how much revenue is your advertisement generating? You have to keep a track of how many clicks you are getting in your ads and how much sales. Tracking will help you in knowing also how a modification is affecting your business? Whether it is decreasing or increasing the conversion rates and accordingly you can either continue or discontinue the new campaign.

  • Using a specific keyword

After you are done with your tracking of conversion, it’s time to enhance it. When there is the use of specific keywords then it will bring more conversions than general keywords. Like for example giving a product with its model number instead of giving the only name of the product. But it should not be made too much specific, as it may result in very few people reaching you. In fact, you should have a better idea of what people are searching for put specific keywords for getting more leads.

  • Using negative keywords

It is another way for improving the conversion rates. Negative keywords will help in the better refining of your traffic. Your advertisement will not come in the search engine when people use these keywords. This step is to avoid people who are just browsing and not ready to make a sale.

  • Search Terms report

With the help of search term report, you can get an idea about the actual keywords your customers, when your advertisement showed up. Based on this you can make out which keywords to add or which one to remove. Ultimately you can reach the right customers for your advertisements.

  • Inclusion of price

You can attract more and more buyers by displaying the price of your product on your advertisements. Customers will prefer to get direct information about the price rather than searching for it for a long time.So this is another potential way to enhance the conversion rate.

So, by utilizing those tricks and methods you can easily increase the conversion rate of your advertisement and increase your business profits.


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