Five common SEO problems

Five common SEO problems

We all know that setting a website is quite easy, but the main challenge is getting audiences or getting top SEO ranking. A few years back, when websites were a new idea, it involves the only building of sites and then gives in to it to the directories. But nowadays the system has changed a lot and marketing has become very difficult. The internet world is filled with millions of pages and it is quite difficult to get the leads and traffics.

Search engine optimization or SEO is important for all business and it is because of the free organic traffics from the search engines. But most of the times the companies employ non-SEO professionals to carry out this work and generally they lack common knowledge on SEO basics. When one will gain expertise in some of the basic SEO skills then it can help them in remaining ahead in the market.

Some of the common SEO problems faced by companies are

  • Same content

Content is king for any website but nowadays most of the web pages, when they are analyzed, have duplicate contents. Although there will be no particular penalty for posting duplicate contents because of same content there begins to struggle between web pages for the same search position. And finally, the search engine will keep one page in the position at the cost of another. This gives your webpage a lower SEO ranking.

  • No alt tags and fragmented images

It is a very common problem that in most of the websites there are images without alt tags and some of the websites have fragmented images. These alt tags help in giving a proper description to your images which will help in image search and bringing more leads to your website. Similarly, the fragmented images will result in fragmented links thereby leading to the bad user experience.

  • Poor meta descriptions or duplicate meta descriptions

The meta description is a small paragraph of text that appears in the HTML of a webpage and gives a brief description of its content. In the search engine, it appears below your URL.A good meta description also contributes to good SEO rankings. But analysis reveals that most of the website either lacks meta description or have a poor quality and duplicate meta description.

  • H1 tag problems

H1 tags are those descriptions that appear on the webpage and it is different from the title tags. Title tags are the ones that appear in the search engine results. This is one of the most common SEO problems companies are facing because research shows that most of the websites have various H1 tags or duplicates tags. For better SEO rankings it is good to give one H1tag and the article can be broken with various H2 tags. These are all common SEO basics which help in getting a top rank in search results.

  • Lots of on-page links

Most of the websites nowadays are seen with a large number of on-page links. Even if it is not a huge problem but it leads to the bad user experience. A website should have good and high-quality on-page links. Therefore, a proper audit should be made for keeping only the relevant links and removing the unnecessary ones.

So, by avoiding all these common SEO problems you can easily get good SEO ranking for your website.


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